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5 Steps to Avoid Tomato Graywall Disease

Graywall, a tomato disease, typically develops on green fruit about 2-3 centimeters in diameter and causes yellow areas to appear with uneven ripening. As the fruit matures, the yellow areas turn gray and can become sunken. If you cut a tomato with graywall, you’ll see dark brown to black necrotic areas in the outer walls.…

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Tips for Keeping Your “Problem” Tomato Seedlings Growing

A problem tomato growers might encounter are genetic defects in tomato seeds or seedlings that can prevent the plant from developing. While the origin of this problem remains unknown, there are steps you can take to address it. The Problem Ahern agronomists discovered this defect several years ago in in a large percentage of the…

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Ahern in Your Community

Ahern and Bayer Crop Science Invest in Rural Communities in Southern Mexico Ahern and Bayer Crop Science launched a new project to empower small growers and improve the condition of rural communities in Southern Mexico. The first part of the project focused on Oaxaca, where Ahern and Bayer set up a community vegetable garden with…

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