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Ahern and Bayer Crop Science Invest in Rural Communities in Southern Mexico

Ahern and Bayer Crop Science launched a new project to empower small growers and improve the condition of rural communities in Southern Mexico. The first part of the project focused on Oaxaca, where Ahern and Bayer set up a community vegetable garden with donated seeds and supplies. The idea of creating community vegetable gardens was part of Ahern’s 40th-anniversary celebration, with the intent of creating opportunities through agronomic education and responsible land utilization.

A Team Effort

Ahern in Your Community has been a team effort. Ahern provided financial support for irrigation systems, tools, mulch, fertilizers and more. Ahern invited Bayer as a partner on the project to supply high-quality vegetable seeds. Ahern’s team created planting guides for different seed types, complete with brochures and videos with agronomic advice.
The local project partner was COVACES. “For 13 years, we have been trying to get the funds for this project; and, thanks to Ahern, we were finally able to do it,” said Celia Diaz, coordinator of the COVACES Association.

The Oaxaca Garden

After nine months of planning, in September 2021, we visited 15 different communities and delivered seeds and materials for the gardens, holding demonstrations for large groups in each spot. During this process, many of our employees spent time in Oaxaca and took part in customs and festivities in the local communities.
The communities used the harvested vegetables for their own needs and even sold the surplus at local markets. The profits were invested in new seeds. Ahern in Your Community is a great example of how Ahern is helping small growers acquire the latest agronomic knowledge and empower their communities. To learn more about the project, watch our video.