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Onion seeds for national markets and exportation

Find the right variety to fit your needs in our catalog of onion products. You’ll find our seeds provide quality sizes, resistors and shelf life.

Sierra Blanca and SV4043NM

These two varieties of bright white onions stand out for their high quality and resistance. Learn more about Sierra Blanca for intermediate days and SV4043NM for short days.

Our Onion Products

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Variety Spotlight

Fast Harvest

If you need a fast harvest, our market-leading yellow onion variety, Hornet, is great for you. Hornet stands out for its early harvest, large bulbs and high percentage of simple center.

Variety Spotlight

Quality Size

Get the maximum production potential and quality with our white onion variety, Sierra Blanca for intermediate days. You will get bulbs with a perfect balloon shape and the potential to develop jumbo sizes.

Provider Spotlight

Great Selection

Without a doubt, Enza Zaden’s breeding program is one of the world’s most comprehensive and focused. With a strong focus on quality and shelf life, Enza Zaden offers a great selection of hybrids of different light intensity – short, intermediate and long days. You’ll also have access to both domestic and export markets.

Variety Spotlight

What the Market Needs

By choosing hybrid Takii onions, you’re getting a product that sets the world-wide standard. This exceptional selection offers varieties to produce your desired yield with the characteristics and standards desired by the market.

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