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Large selection of tomato seeds for Mexico and Central America

Ahern offers highly-productive tomato seeds that are resistant to a variety of pests and diseases. With varieties that perform well in all types of climates and work well with many different technologies, you’ll find our catalog offers the right tomato for your needs and your region.

Leaders in Tomatoes

Learn more about our wide range of tomato varieties – bola, roma, grape, cherry and other specialties for different regions and technologies.

Our Tomato Products

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Roma Tomatoes are Leaders in Open Fields

The tomato variety SVTE8444 has a great resistance package that is setting the standard in the market. Galilea is a tomato leader with excellent size and quality.

Highly-Adaptable Intermediate Romas

SVTJ751 has a good resistor package, and along with Mesías and La Gema, they are the best option for Sinaloa and Sonora. If you are in a desert region, La Laguna, Sahariana and Tuareg have the best performance. If you’re looking for great adaptability to different areas, find it with Benedetti, Pai Pai and Raptor.

Bola Tomatoes and TOV for Different Technologies

The high-technology varieties, Foronti, Inspired, Marinice, Merlice and Torero, stand out for their yields and qualities.

Known for the newest technology, SVTH2900 and SVTH3053 have stood out in different areas for their size and quality. With the same technology, Cedral, Sprigel and Cueta continue to prove their value year over year as varieties farmers use with the most confidence.


We have a wide range of specialty tomatoes that come in all colors and flavors. Visit our product catalog to find Dorma, a grape tomato variety with a vigorous tolerance to ToBRFV in the field.


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